W3i Designs - Website Consultants

Whether you need a new website design or a revamp of your current website we at w3i designs can help you create a professional web design to suit you. 

Our aim is to design a site that is easy to use, accessible and attractive to the eye.  We work with you to develop a site that is user friendly but meets the needs of your business. 

As professional web design consultants experienced in online marketing, search engine optimisation and accessibility, we offer the complete package of web design services including, design, implementation, testing, maintainence and hosting.

There are many ways we can enhance your web site and stimulate any visitors such as our 'talking heads' video feature .

Website Accessibility - it's the law

Designing a website can be a very time consuming task, but our website designers have years of experience in developing accessible websites which not only look good but are comfortable to navigate.

Your website must meet UK legal requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act or your company is leaving itslef liable to prosecution.